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Paul Evans, Managing Director, talks about  F.E.W Waterproofing

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F.E.W Waterproofing
is an established company providing services throughout Melbourne and Victoria

The F.E.W goal is to provide waterproofing, concrete repair, crack injection and structural remediation applications to predominately the commercial, industrial and infrastructure  sectors of the Australian marketplace.

Our focus is to bring  up-to-date technology and innovation with respect to structural repair and waterproofing membranes.

The F.E.W Team are not content to use out dated products just because they are familiar and have always been used.

We are continually searching here in Australian and overseas for the very best applications available.

We believe using the very best technologies, environmentally safe work practices and eco-friendly materials  providing our clients and projects with a leading edge in today's  applications.

Waterproofing and  asset protection is developing at an astonishing rate and we hope to keep abreast with this technology.

F.E.W are professional contractors providing 

experienced applications 

to building structures and assets.


Find out about our extensive waterproofing services here.

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Concrete Repair

F.E.W provide concrete repair, sealing and remedial services.

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Crack Injection

Our team repair all types of concrete cracks and provide structural maintenance.

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Paul and the F.E.W crew should feel very proud of the job.  We got a price for our apartment that exceeded our expectations and the terrace was central to the sales campaign.  

Fixing my terrace involved more than providing an effective waterproofing solution.  Also, invasive testing, removal of the existing screed and membrane, installation of new screed, tiling, modified drainage and painting.  FEW was able to oversee all aspects of the job.  What I also really valued was the attention to detail and quality, both technical and finish.  This combination meant I was comfortable leaving the work in FEW’s care while overseas.  This sort of reliability and quality of workmanship is hard to find in my experience.  I have no hesitation in recommending FEW. 

R. J. Quinlan

Carlton Vic

D. Papal Australian Institute of Management (AIMM) Vic & Tas

Building Manager

The Australian Institute of Management recently engaged FEW to resurface the level 6 plant area which was prone to water leakage.

The liquid rubber product which was used is brilliant the product is seamless , we were very impressed with the finish product.

The workmanship was of a high standard. Since having the liquid rubber laid down we have not experienced any water leakage.

F.E.W Waterproofing   selected contractor for

AGL Power Station 
Mt Bogong Victoria

F.E.W Waterproofing provide concrete repair and waterproofing services for Eastlink and Mullum Mullum Tunnel.

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