Expert Waterproofing Services in Melbourne

Expert Waterproofing Services in Melbourne

F.E.W Waterproofing provide new & remedial waterproofing services.

Remedial services can repair existing & leaking membranes by over coating with a Liquid Applied Waterproofing system. This can save a roof project thousands of dollars without the need to replace the roof or membrane.

Roof leaks often occur at points of weakness like roof penetrations, around roof mounted air-conditioning units, HVAC ducts or at skylights, joins/seams in sheet membranes.

Flat roofs and low slope roofs also have their own inherent problems typically caused by splits, cracks and tears at the waterproofing membrane seams.

Existing roofs may have low grade roof coatings such as mastic, tar or acrylic reflective roof coatings. These coatings typically deteriorate with age due to UV exposure and inability to move and flex with the roof structure under thermal conditions.

These membranes exhibit severe deterioration causing significant water damage below

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F.E.W provide a viable long-term alternative to removing & replacing an existing roof.

Using our Liquid Applied waterproofing system we can seal around penetrations, repair drains and gutters, recondition waterways and ponding areas, even seal around skylights and HVAC ducts.

Liquid applied roofing membranes can be installed without affecting or disrupting the workplace beneath.

Suited to almost all common types of industrial roofing; including corrugated fibro, aluminum, steel, concrete, timber, asbestos, bitumen and can also be applied over failed sheet membrane systems.

F.E.W Waterproofing install roofing membranes that also save on energy costs.

Liquid Applied waterproofing systems increased insulation while at the same time reducing the need for complete replacement of existing roofs.

Our elastomeric roof waterproofing coatings are engineered to move with roof thermal cycles without cracking, flaking or peeling.

These roof membranes exhibit extreme flexibility with advanced elongation – up to three times greater than many other membrane systems.

This enhanced flexibility allows the waterproofing membrane to move with the roof substrate’s normal climatic expansion and contraction.

Liquid applied waterproofing membranes have numerous properties crucial for roof projects: UV stable, with stand “ponding” water and molds to the shape of the roof and adheres to just about all roof substrates.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes – ideal for all roof structures

The F.E.W Team use Liquid Applied Membranes for all above ground, balcony and roof waterproofing – for new,existing, remedial and repair projects.