Fix Leaking Roofs-Liquid Applied Membrane

May 03, 2018
Fixing Leaking Roofs with Liquid Rubber

Liquid Applied Membranes (LAMs)

Liquid Membranes are a great alternative to traditional waterproofing products like bitumen roofing, EPDM, sheet and roll on applications.

These older generation of membranes have many disadvantages:

  • Joins and/or seams which are areas of weakness & potential water ingress.
  • Requires heat & flames - safety & OH&S issues
  • Lack flexibility - many conventional waterproofing products develop cracks with aging. 
  • Inability to withstand "ponding" (standing) water - critical for balcony & rooftop waterproofing membrane.
For years we have been looking for an alternative to existing sheet and heat applied waterproofing  methods – Liquid Applied Membranes are the ultimate roof waterproofing membrane.

Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Products

  • Fast application with cold spray applied method.
  • Requires no primers, mixers, flames or heat – contributing to safer and faster applications.
  • No need to remove roof or existing membrane.
  • Seamless, Flexible & Monolithic Membrane
  • Extremely robust with full adherence to just about any surface
  • Long life and durable with standard 15-year warranty or extended 20 years.

​Using  the combination of  a Thermal Top Coat + Liquid Rubber Membrane provides an excellent & robust  waterproofing repair system for all new and existing rooftops.


Findlay-Evans WATERPROOFING are Registered Building Practitioners and specialist applicator for Liquid Applied Membranes. 

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