October 31, 2017

How to Treat Rising Damp Permanently

Treatment for buildings with recurring signs & symptoms of Rising Damp

Signs of Rising Damp

  • Staining on ceilings, walls or floors.
  • An unpleasant, musty smell.
  • Evidence of dry rot fungus on walls or structural timber.
  • Discoloration, water stains or salt stains on exterior walls.
  • Moss or vegetation growth on the exterior of a structure.
  • Crumbling dry wall.
  • White or discolored spots on lower walls.

The good news is there is a way to eliminate rising damp for good. 

There is a  cost to not dealing with rising damp as the signs & symptoms just get worse with time.

Remedial & maintenance budgets can be wasted with patching and/or using out-dated technologies that do not provide a permanent rising damp solution.

PROsystem Damp Treatment

  • Proven system that works. 
  • No Toxic Chemical, Smell,  Dust or Disruption.
  • Does not interfere with the structure of the building. 
  • No Need to Remove The Render/Plaster System.
  • Does not require long-term construction works.
  • Economically justified as prevents further deterioration and constant renewal of the facility. 

 How Does PROsystem Rising Damp Treatment Work? 

PROsystem controls vertical transmission of water molecules in buildings - Rising Damp.

  • PROsystem is an electronic control device for rising damp based on electro osmosis - liquid is caused to move down a porous, static medium.
  • The PROsystem method of drying out damp walls uses pulsating waves.
  • PROsystem controls rising dampness in buildings without the need to drill and inject potentially environmentally hazardous materials to form a physical barrier to prevent the vertical transmission of water molecules.
  • A preventative system that also inhibits re-emergence of capillary damp.
  • First results are visible  quickly - often after only several days
  • Recommended by architects, as well as restoration and preservation experts.

Structural Rising Damp Cannot Be Ignored. 

There are a variety of reasons to cause Structural dampness. 

There are several cosmetic treatments that only solve issues that are NOT rising damp: Humidity, Condensation, Penetrating & Lateral Damp.

This is why Rising Damp  needs an experienced Building Practitioner to accurately diagnose the reason for moisture ingress.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to the strength and durability of a structure.

  Rising Damp Treatment - PROsystem

  • Successfully used around the world over the past 30 Years.
  • Over 100,000 Systems Installed.
  • Eco friendly, no chemicals or fumes.
  • Permanently prevents rising damp.
  • Protects properties of any age or structure.
  • Simple fast installation.
  • No messy replastering.
  • Monitoring System for peace of mind.
  • 30 year indemnity Guarantee

  Green Damp Proofing System

"Green Damp Proofing" is a proven natural system that treats damp problems in an environmentally friendly way without using harmful chemicals.


Waterproofing Company Melbourne

Waterproofing Company Melbourne

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