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Roof Repairs & Rehabilitation 

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing provide robust long-life

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes

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Liquid Membranes are the ideal waterproofing product to seal and make watertight "busy" industrial & infrastructure surfaces  - concrete, metal - new and existing.

Being a spray-on waterproofing method, Liquid Rubber Membranes can be applied around and up commercial and industrial roof surfaces.

Liquid waterproof coatings seal around all penetrations, up-stands, ducts, cable trays, air conditioning & cooling towers, TV & mobile phone responders, satellite dishes, solar panels, etc. 

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing Method 

 Using Liquid Applied Membranes on Metal Roofs

Liquid Rubber Spray to Metal Industrial Roof

Liquid Spray Apply to Metal I Roof

Metal Roof WaterproofingLiquid membrane contours to shape

Liquid Roof Coatings

Liquid Roof Coatings


Leaking Metal Roof with Rooftop Services & Utilities 

Rust Protection & Anti-Corrosion

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing use Liquid Rubber spray or paint-on application to protect ferrous metal structures subjected to water and/or chemically aggressive environments.

  • Liquid Rubber membranes - specially designed coatings providing exceptional corrosion protection.
  • instant-set, seamless & flexible membranes with chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • Suitable for safe applications even in confined spaces such as storage and processing tanks.
  • Also with resistance to cracking, aging and de-lamination.
  • Great alternative to conventional epoxy, urethane or solvent based protective coatings.
  • No Primer is required. Unlike many other protective coatings, Liquid Rubber can be applied directly over lightly rusted metal.
Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber

Rust Protection & Anti-Corrosion


Waterproofing Shipping Containers

Shipping containers provide an affordable structure that can be modified in various ways creating a multitude of uses.

A city cafe, situated in inner urban Melbourne, was created out of shipping containers – quite an unique waterproofing project.          

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing provided a Liquid Rubber waterproof membrane for these three shipping containers that were being transformed into a trendy urban cafe.

VIDEO - Findlay-Evans Services 

Building Practitioners AND Certified Waterproofers

Paul Evans, Manager/Director Findlay-Evans discusses

Waterproofing Methods & Systems 


Roof Waterproofing Company in Melbourne Victoria Australia


Waterproofing Repairs to Flat Concrete Roof

Melbourne CBD - Power Station

Why Use Spray-On Liquid Waterproofing

VIDEO - Liquid Waterproofing FAQs

  • These are hard wearing, seamless, monolithic and flexible waterproofing systems that can also be structurally reinforced.
  • Liquid Membranes are capable of resisting UV rays, Salts, Pollution & withstanding “potable” (standing) water.
  • Liquid Membranes are also anti-corrosive, rust proofing & encapsulates asbestos.
  • All work is supported by company, manufacturers' warranty, OHS compliant and applied by Certified Applicators.

Eco-Friendly Membranes

  • Satisfies all OH&S issues and compliance.
  • Avoids the use of adhesives, heat welding used for torch-on & older methods of waterproofing.
  • Suitable for safe applications even in confined spaces such as storage and processing tanks.
  • Unaffected by a range of acids, alkalis and water borne salts.
  • Great alternative to conventional epoxy, urethane or solvent based protective coatings.
  • Extremely fast spray application - up to 3 x times faster than conventional methods like torch-on or sheet membranes
Metal Protection Membranes

Metal Protection Membranes

Liquid Rubber as Anti-Corrosion

Waterproofing Metal Roof

Waterproofing Metal

Liquid Applied Membranes 

Seal, protect & provide anti-rust protection for metal surfaces.


*Storage and Processing tanks

*Water Treatment Plants

*Chemical Processing Facilities

*Power Plants

*Bunding Tanks