Roof Membranes & Coatings - Concrete & Metal Roofs

Flat roofs, due to their inherent design of a minimal surface fall,

are challenging to waterproof as they are more susceptible to water ingress & leaks. 

Solving Water Leaks on Flat Concrete Roof - Video Case Study 

Liquid Spray Applied Waterproofing

Liquid Membranes provide a viable long-term alternative to removing and replacing an existing roofing surface.

  • Liquid Membranes can be sprayed over an entire existing roof. 
     A single coat of Liquid Rubber will combat water leaks permanently, bridge concrete roof cracks, stop metal rust, cracked and flaking roof surface.
  • Rapid Application - up 3 x faster than other waterproofing methods.
    Sprayed directly onto the roof surface & offering a 100% waterproofing formula with outstanding adhesion. 
  • Instant-Set and installed without disrupting the workplace beneath.
    Fast-acting protective composition protects and preserves the life, look and performance of roofs.
  • Cost Effective & Efficient
    Re-coating with Liquid Waterproofing Membranes avoids the costly, expensive & time consuming removal of the existing roof membrane.

Video Case Study 

Roof Waterproofing Products

Liquid Applied Membranes (LAMs) were developed to overcome the recurring problems of conventional, and often outdated, waterproofing methods. 

  • There are a multitude of waterproofing products on the market however not all are suitable as a roof membrane and particularly for roof repairs & remediation.
  • Membrane that use overlaps create areas of weakness as these joins can crack, delaminate and come apart.
  • Out-dated waterproofing products use flames, heat or adhesives & fumes containing VOCs - which do not suit today's OH&S compliance issues.

Liquid Applied Membranes (LAMs) are eco-friendly with no fumes, VOCs or use heat.
This is important for roof surfaces which may involved HVAC, electrical utilities.

Case Study -
 Flat Concrete Roof Repairs

Sunshine Hospital Melbourne - Roof & Rooftop Plant Deck

  1. Concrete Rooftop Utilities: hospital plant deck section of the roof had severe water leaks into the hospital environment below.
  2. Meticulous Preparation: old BUR membrane had to be stripped and all H VAC units and penetrations were hand detailed. 
  3. Liquid Rubber Membrane: spray applied over entire roof and under, up & around all rooftop services.

Fixing Roof Leaks

 ​Leaking roofs are very often at the end of its life cycle and there comes a time when patching is no longer a viable nor economical option.

• We often see roofs that have been patch & repaired over many years to stop intermittent water leaks, however at some stage it is unmanageable to keep spending the maintenance budget on short term roof repairs.

• Problems with existing roofs are leaks can be at multiple locations and very difficult to trace and track back to point of entry

• TPO membranes fail at the heat-welded seam throughout the roof at multiple locations.• Puncture holes were very prolific, from years of foot traffic in servicing the HVAC units, vibrational movement of the roof-mount equipment and thermal cycling.

• In addition, wind damage to roof surface created further failures including holes in many locations of the roof.

Article - Solving Leaking Roofs
 By Paul Evans - Manager/Director Findlay Evans Waterproofing
President - Australian Institute of Waterproofing

Case Study - 
 Severely Leaking Heritage Listed Roof 

  1. Heritage Listed Victorian Building: Consisted of 5 rooftop levels that were all leaking due to severe cracks in existing membrane.
  2. Access was difficult: this was a challenging project due to site location in CBD, rooftop had difficult access and heritage listing. 
  3. Liquid Rubber Membrane: ideal waterproofing membrane as environmentally friendly, no VOCs, fumes or heat.

Power Station Melbourne CBD

Repair Leaking Roof

Infrastructure Waterproofing

Overcoat Existing Membranes

Leaking Roof Repairs

New Roof Membrane

Remedial Waterproofing

Solar Heat Reflective Roof Coatings

Heat Reflective Roof Membrane

Heat Reflective Roof Membrane

  • Designed to be applied over Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Membrane forming a thermal shield 
  • Heat Reflective roof topcoat absorbs less sunlight than a conventional roof.  

  • Lowers the roof’s surface temperature, reducing inside temperature approx 8-10 degrees.  
  • UV resistant, does not soften and has excellent chemical resistance and durability. 


Waterproofing Information - Roof Waterproofing Articles Below:

Thermo Top Coat - Heat Reflective Data - download PDF HERE 

Case Study - 
 White Heat Reflective Roof Coatings

  1. Large Roof Encapsulation: roof finished off with a  elastomeric thermal reflective 1.5mm seamless waterproof membrane. 
  2. Thermal Insulation & Roof Coating: This thermal insulation technology will extend the life of roofing materials as well as lower roof temperatures thus decreasing energy needs for cooling 
  3. Highly Flexible Elastomeric Roof Membrane: high viscosity formulation is designed for application on both vertical and horizontal substrates and is well suited to rooftop application.

Thermo Top Coat - Roof Waterproofing Melbourne

Heat Reflective WaterproofingTop Coat

Spray Application of Thermo Top Coat


Heat Reflective Membranes


Roof Thermo Top Coat

Melbourne Waterproofing Company


Findlay-Evans Waterproofing is  a specialist waterproofing applicator that have introduced an innovative technology to the roofing market - LIQUID RUBBER MEMBRANES.

Findlay Evans are now using liquid-applied waterproofing technology, to many of their roof repair projects which means they can apply seamless and flexible membranes to both new and existing roof surfaces.


Findlay-Evans - Registered Building Practitioner & Certified Waterproofers.

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing - Customer Reviews 

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing - Roofing Projects


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