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Australian Waterproofing Standards  

Video Interview - President Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW)

Discussion about standards and waterproofing in Australia. Interview Paul Evans, Findlay-Evans Waterproofing & President of Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW) with Phil Scardigno MD of Gripset Industries.


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Melbourne Waterproofing Specialist 

Article discusses the difficulties solving roof and balcony leaks. 

Original article appeared in: Facility Perspectives

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Published by Paul Evans in 
Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW)

Paul Evans, President Australian Institute of Waterproofing, meet & greet at the Bayset Construction Information Day 2018

Industry Associations attending the Construction Information Day:

AIW: Australian Institute of Waterproofing, the waterproofing industry's official waterproofing body.


Commercial & Remedial Waterproofing Specialist

Waterproofing Specialists based in Melbourne, providing waterproofing installation & application, concrete protection and corrosion control services throughout Victoria.

Findlay-Evans provide:

Commercial Balconies - Fixing Water Leaks


Balcony Waterproofing 

  • Seamless liquid applied Liquid Rubber are an elastomeric polymer membrane that has become the ultimate waterproofing product for balconies, decks and rooftop terraces.
  • Liquid systems can be used on the most complex of balcony details: around handrail supports, rainwater outlets and penetrations. 
  • Long life waterproof membrane that can adhere to all balcony surfaces: concrete, sycon sheet etc 

VIDEO - Balcony & Decking Waterproofing 

Waterproofing Basements  

Below ground waterproofing is as important as the very structural foundations supporting a building.

Melbourne Basement Waterproofing

Best Waterproof Membrane for Basement & Retaining Walls 

  • The recent Australian construction boom has resulted in an unprecedented number of multi storey apartments & commercial construction.
  • Many of these buildings involve basements for underground car parking, storage, and utility areas.
  • Of all the water ingress possibilities, the consequences of basement water leaks can be the most expensive and complex to rectify - often resulting in devastating & costly damages.
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    For commercial buildings, water leaks can ruin expensive equipment and disrupt business and finishes and furnishings damaged in the case of residential buildings. 

VIDEO - How to Waterproof Basements  

Roof Repairs & Waterproofing  

Roof Waterproofers Melbourne

Waterproofing Concrete Roof  

  • Spray-On Liquid Membranes are a rapid waterproof coating for concrete roofs. 
  • Ideal for flat concrete or low-slope roofs as can withstand "ponding" water.
  • Elastomeric properties allow the waterproof membrane to bridge over roof cracks and existing leaking membrane. 
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    UV Stable & rapid installation means minimal inconvenience - ideal for commercial and industrial roofs. 

VIDEO - Spray-On Membrane for Flat Concrete Roof 

Waterproofing Membrane for Metal Roof 

  • Liquid Rubber is great alternative to sheet & Torch On membranes for metal roofs.
  • Liquid Applied Membranes will conform to any shape and profile, and around all roof utilities. 
  • Extremely robust and with full adherence and up to 20 year warranty. 
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    Rapid spray apply over existing roof without having to remove.

VIDEO - Waterproofing a Leaking Metal Roof

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